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Listening to get close to customers

Mastering the art of “active listening” for customer insight

Great customer surveys enable brands and organisations to get close to their customers. We all love to be listened to and understood - it's human nature! When I feel listened to I engage more, and when I engage more I'm in a better place to transact.

Simon Rowland
The elusive non buyer feedback.

Why non buyer feedback is so elusive but so powerful

Visitor or customer surveys are so common place, and rightly so, as the information gained can greatly assist an organisation to make informed decisions on service improvement, marketing, products, services, staffing levels and training. But many surveys only capture the visitor who pays, or the customer who transacts. What about the rest of the party, the browser or the non buying customer - where there was an intention to buy but they either couldn’t or wouldn’t complete the transaction?

Ten Tips on How to write a Customer Experience Survey

A poorly designed questionnaire will affect the quality of data gathered and therefore the resulting reports will lack accuracy. However, if you get it right, not only will you get improved response rates, but the information will be actionable

Students visiting university open days

University open days that deliver on expectations

With 77% of students visiting at least one open day, they are an increasingly significant influence in the student recruitment process. Understanding if they have delivered the right message to recruit these students, therefore, becomes a key concern for HE student recruitment officers.

Using smiley buttons in customer surveys

3 reasons why Smiley Face Surveys don't always work

I'm sure you've seen smiley faces in surveys. They're clever for many reasons, not least because:

  • they are effectively multi-lingual
  • smiley faces remove the need for text to be read
  • they enable many different abilities to respond
  • are quick and simple for gaining a response
  • ...and smiley face buttons are suitable for most age groups.

Great, so we should all use smiley faces for feedback right? Well no, it's not quite that simple.

How can the voices of patients be channeled for change?

In recent years, an industry has grown around the collection and analysis of patient experience and satisfaction feedback. But how reliable is this data? The answer to this question is: "it depends..."

The Business Impact of Customer Experience in Hotels and Hospitality

Simon Rowland

Small improvements to customer experience can yield big financial rewards for hotels and the broader private sector. The Forrester US research paper: The Business Impact of Customer Experience 2013, draws some compelling conclusions.

Why? How powerful is that question in your Customer Experience surveys?

Simon Dean

If we really want to know what our customers are experiencing, good, bad or indifferent, then we have to ask the question: why?

The ‘why’ question can become the bane of parents lives, children have a thirst for knowledge and a strong desire to get to the root reason for things. They’re inquisitive. For some reason adults often lose this passion for deep understanding.