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5 things that make feedback really work

If our ears are open and our attitude is right, feedback is helping us every day of the year - and not just after the latest survey results are in! Feedback provides us with the opportunity to learn, to grow, to improve. It's a fundamental in business and life, and those who cannot or will not embrace it, miss out on developing themselves, others and their businesses.

Why feedback kiosks hold a key

We've been providing insights to corporates, local government the NHS and many smaller organisations for 15 years. We use multiple different ways to capture the feedback - often called multi-channel, but fundamentally that means we try to find the best technology for the survey recipient to respond easily. 


Key questions to ask your university open day visitors

The success of open day events may be realised in the applications received, but why wait until then to find out how the visitors felt? A simple survey during the event can deliver you key information that can shape subsequent marketing campaigns and open events.

CRT have used their experience to create a survey specific to the needs of the university open day.

Making the most from feedback

Deciding to invest time and resources in gathering feedback is an important step in the development of the customer experience. Making sure this investment brings positive results is critical. Here we introduce 4 tips for making the most from feedback.

Why non buyer feedback is so elusive but so powerful

Visitor or customer surveys are so common place, and rightly so, as the information gained can greatly assist an organisation to make informed decisions on service improvement, marketing, products, services, staffing levels and training. But many surveys only capture the visitor who pays, or the customer who transacts. What about the rest of the party, the browser or the non buying customer - where there was an intention to buy but they either couldn’t or wouldn’t complete the transaction?

Six tips for making the customer survey process easy.

They're everywhere. Emails after a purchase or service has been received. Online forms after online chat or placing an order. A 'friends and family' question on a touch screen tablet during discharge from hospital. Surveys. They're everywhere. And there's a reason for that. The information - used correctly - can enable organisations and brands to refine their offering and provide an ever-improving experience which translates to more sales, less complaints and better outcomes.