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About Us


We help our customers know their customers better™

CRT® holds a unique place within the market research industry. Our blend of consulting, technology and experience enables us to deliver exceptional results for our customers in the capture, analysis and reporting of feedback. We are Customer Experience feedback specialists.

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Our Customer Experience Platform

Our ViewPoint customer experience (CX) platform is integrated with multi channel data capture inputs such as kiosk, tablet - iPad, Android and Windows - online, mobile and telephone and is used by leading brands such as Waitrose, the NHS, Volvo Trucks, Manheim, Specsavers as well as many smaller organisations.

In-the-moment Feedback

We have patented our validation system Valid8™ - which assesses the human interaction with the survey to ensure legitimate responses. This enables our customers to capture feedback, with a high volume and high quality of data previously impossible to achieve. By capturing feedback in-the-moment, as people experience your services, feedback is up to 40% more accurate and survey volumes significantly higher. Read more in our articles.

Analysis and Reporting

Real time analysis and reporting means you can act immediately on the feedback from your customers, patients, students, visitors, or staff.

With an unlimited flexibility in Interactive Dashboards and Reporting, we can give you the information you need, in the format you need it, when you need it. We can then work with you on strategic re-alignment, service and quality improvement, remedial actions or root cause analysis and rectification.